Corte Bacaro
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Corte Bacaro is a farmhouse founded in 2009 in Summaga di Portogruaro in Venice. Like every Venetian winery, it embodies the charm of the agricultural family tradition. This company, founded by the great-grandfather in 1950, relies on the quality of the raw material and innovation.
A reality appreciated in the renowned Venetian sector of wine producers. Corte Bacaro tells the story of Sergio Bellia and his son Mirko, who created and enhanced a brand synonymous with quality and passion.

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We produce high-quality wines to satisfy every palate thanks to the quality of the territory and the soil on which our vineyards stand, the local tradition and the experience gained over time: still white, red and sparkling wines. Corte Bacaro makes wines rich in history and passion: you only have to discover them and choose the one that better suits your needs.

Corte Bacaro

Wine in amphora and Orange Wine

Orange wines and amphora wine are two particular types of wine production: they both come from an ancient tradition that Corte Bacaro has rediscovered, improving them through the most advanced tools available.

Orange Wines are produced with white grapes, and vinified in red.
Wines in amphora are vinified in terracotta: the grapes are left to ferment in interred amphorae. The grapes are also subjected to maceration on skins, becoming an essential element for the final product.

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Corte Bacaro Vini
Corte Bacaro Vini

Società Agricola
Corte Bacaro di Bellia & C. ss

Address: Via Santa Elisabetta di Summaga, 49
30026 - Summaga di Portogruaro (VE)

Phone: + 39 0421 1885794

VAT IT04240590275