Cuvée Crystals edition spumante Extra Dry

Luxury and product quality. This is what Corte Bacaro Cuvée Extra Dry Limited Edition Crystal expresses: it comes in a bottle with a special design and reflects the essence of the most exclusive Made in Italy.

Its taste is also special and guaranteed by winemaking techniques that give it top-quality standards.  It is a luxury sparkling wine with an irresistible charm. The winemakers' ancient experience meets the best Italian artisans' hands.

Vino spumante Cuvée Extra Dry

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Corte Bacaro Vini
Corte Bacaro Vini

Società Agricola
Corte Bacaro di Bellia & C. ss

Address: Via Santa Elisabetta di Summaga, 49
30026 - Summaga di Portogruaro (VE)

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