Lison Classico D.O.C.G.

D.O.C.G. Lison Classico is the denomination for some wines produced in a small area of the metropolitan city of Venice. Corte Bacaro, based in Summaga di Portogruaro, is regularly associated with the Consorzio Vini Venezia, which promotes and protects the D.O.C. Venezia, D.O.C. Lison-Pramaggiore, D.O.C. Piave and D.O.C.G. Lison denominations.

The vinification starts from a rigorous selection of the best bunches of Tocai. Afterwards, the grapes are softly pressed in the cellar using criteria that prevent oxidation. Subsequently, flotation takes place - aimed at eliminating impurities - and storage in temperature-controlled steel tanks, with the addition of selected yeasts that allow alcoholic fermentation.

This phase lasts over three weeks at a constant temperature between 14 and 15 ° C. Finally, the wine is stored in contact with the noble lees. The frequent batonnage gives the wine a fatter feel and intensity on the palate, typical characteristics of classic Lison D.O.C.G. di Portogruaro.

Once the optimal state of ripeness has been reached, the wine is filtered and bottled. After at least two months, it is time to put the bottles on the market.

Lison Classico

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