Still red wine

A still red wine, from a chemical point of view, is a product without carbon dioxide. A wine that does not have bubbles.

During the production process of still red wine, we prevent the sparkling process, which could occur spontaneously during the fermentation obtained with the integrated action of yeasts and sugars.

Recognizing, therefore, still red wine is easy.
In some cases, to validate the specificity of still red wine, all traces of bubbles, even formed accidentally, are eliminated with the help of the decanter.
The grape variety, winemaking techniques and any refinement determine the characteristics of red wine.
As for all high-quality products, there is a specification that regulates the origin of the raw materials and the production modus operandi.

The colour can be ruby red with purple reflections and be the index of a fruity and young wine. We also produce varieties with an impenetrable and consistent red colour.

Still red wines from our cellar

Still red wines are different and cover a wide range of products in terms of organoleptic characteristics.

Cabernet Franc I.G.P. Trevenezie

It is a ruby red wine with purple reflections, herbaceous taste and blueberries and violets notes. A full-bodied and dry, soft and balanced wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon I.G.P. Trevenezie

A wine with a particular scent that has fruity notes and its ruby red colour with shades of violet; it is well structured and also offers notes of chocolate and ripe fruit on the palate.

Merlot I.G.P. Trevenezie

A glass of this wine offers the aroma of wild berries with spicy nuances. A ruby-red wine featured by freshness and persistence on the palate.

Vulcana D.O.C. Venezia

A ruby red wine with purple reflections, light spicy notes of green pepper and wild berries. The black cherry hint is particularly relevant.

Refosco dal peduncolo rosso I.G.P Trevenzie

A ruby red wine with a slightly tannic taste, a red fruit aftertaste, and purple reflections. It is a well-structured wine with excellent persistence. It is vinous and fruity and recalls wild blackberry and other berries.

The best combinations with still red wine

A still red wine should be served at 18 and 20 ° C. For young red wines, the glass to choose is the Renano glass, while for the older ones, the "balloon" type glass is the best solution.

As part of a broad category, its pairings are endless.
Many still red wines pair well with aged cheeses, and for this reason they are perfect for aperitifs. They are a versatile solution to combine with first courses or even with meat and fish.

How do you drink red wine?

Red wine needs a constant temperature, and, in general, when in the cellar, the bottles should be placed horizontally and higher than the others. We recommend using large glasses to favour oxygenation and the possibility of releasing the aromas. Serve at a temperature from 16 to 18 ° C.

We recommend the use of the narrow-necked decanter to eliminate any residues. To best enjoy a glass of still red wine, you better taste several types to acquire knowledge useful to distinguish aromas, smells and flavours.

Our expert team is available for any information on our selection of still red wine

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