Semi-Sparkling Wines

Bubbles. It is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Semi-sparkling Wine. It refers to a product with a specific percentage of carbon dioxide to give the wine that sparklingness appreciated by so many people.

The Italian and Venetian traditions of Semi-sparkling Wines are well-known, and it is easy to distinguish their characteristics.

Natural Italian Semi Sparkling Wines come from a vinification in which refermentation plays a decisive role. It is a phase in which the fermentation process is repeated by making the sugars act and giving the product a pressure with quantifiable carbon dioxide between 1 and 2.5 atmospheres. This process is fundamental to the production of sparkling wines.

Semi-sparkling wines can be white and red. Corte Bacaro wines come from Venetian vines and selections of the highest quality grapes. Top-level raw materials and procedures improved over time are the key factors to producing a wide range appreciated by customers.

The sparkling red wines from our cellar

Those looking for sparkling Corte Bacaro red wine can find solutions that meet all tastes. Ours, it's a soft and aromatic wine that, over time, deserves to be tried for a sensory experience.

Bacaro Rosso I.G.P. Trevenezie

Bacaro Rosso I.G.P. Trevenezie

Bacaro red wine is characterized by a particular softness and a velvety touch, with a fine and not very persistent perlage and red berries and violets notes. It is ideal with grilled meat, cold cuts, sausages and cheese.

The semi-sparkling white wine from our cellar

Corte Bacaro offers a wide choice of sparkling white wines. Different products are available and meet the highest quality standards. They come from careful production with respect for tradition and innovation.

Verduzzo I.G.P. Trevenezie

Its intense straw yellow colour makes it recognizable, and the fruity and floral tasting notes enhance its uniqueness. A sparkling sweet white, full-bodied, slightly tannic wine with a fine and resistant perlage.

Chardonnay I.G.P. Trevenezie

It comes from a top-quality must, and the batonnage gives it a fatter feel and persistence. It's a sparkling white table wine with complex roundness, a long and persistent finish and characterised by ripe fruit (pear, apple and peach) notes.

The semi-sparkling rosé wine from our cellar

For those who love semi-sparkling rosé wine, Corte Bacaro offers a range of wines given from a proven experience. The whole production faithfully reflects the principles of a company that firmly believes in the quality of the product.

Rosato I.G.P Trevenezie

A Semi-sparkling rosé wine that comes from a top-quality must, and the batonnage gives it a fatter feel and persistence. It has notes of ripe fruit (pear, apple and peach) and a complex roundness.

The best combinations with sparkling wine

Semi-sparkling Wines perfectly match both formal and informal contexts. White wines, for example, accompany aperitifs and first courses. The reds are, instead, perfect with cold cuts and cheese, while some say that rosé wines are the best solution for aperitifs.

Flute glasses are not the most suitable glasses for Semi-sparkling wines. The right choice is classic glasses available at restaurants and wine shops, which come in different shapes.

The best combinations with sparkling wine

Production of semi-sparkling wine

Refermentation plays a fundamental role in the vinification process of semi-sparkling wines. Through this step, it is given carbonation with natural methods.

A solution that enhances the acidity and freshness of these products. Corte Bacaro selects only the highest quality yeasts to guarantee the consumer all the benefits of a product, with attention to the smallest details.

What's the difference between sparkling and semi-sparkling wine?

The difference between sparkling and semi-sparkling wine is just a parameter. Both contain carbon dioxide, but semi- sparkling wines have a pressure of not less than 1 atmosphere and not more than 2.5. A sparkling wine, to be considered such, must have a level of at least 3 or 3.5.

Our expert team is available for any information on our selection of semi-sparkling white wine

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