Still white wine

A still white wine does not contain carbon dioxide, and the alcohol content is always between 8% and 15%

A still wine must be non-effervescent, which is why a raw material selection process is essential.

Some grapes can generate naturally sparkling products, for example Lambrusco, or Chardonnay.

Still white wines are generally obtained through vinification that has white grapes as a raw material. How to recognize a white wine? Simple: it must not have bubbles.

Still white wines from our cellar

The selection of grapes, respect for tradition and the appropriate use of innovation allow Corte Bacaro to offer products among the best white wines on the market.

Tai I.G.P. Trevenezie

Fruity still white wine vinified in steel tanks at a controlled temperature with selected yeasts. It has an aroma reminiscent of white wildflowers and a delicate almond flavour. It goes well with light appetizers and first courses and fish.

Lison Classico D.O.C.G

A Venetian still white wine produced after a preliminary phase of careful selection of the grapes, followed by a short maceration and vinification. It has a typical almond taste, delicate but tangible. Ideal for light first courses and fish-based foods.

Chardonnay I.G.P. Trevenezie

This wine is counted among the best still white wines on the market and is appreciated for its pleasant gustatory freshness. It goes well with everything and is recognizable for the notes of tropical fruit that distinguish its aroma. It has a fine and not very persistent perlage.

Pinot Grigio D.O.C. Venezia

It is a still white wine with a fresh body, produced after a selection of white grapes. It is one of the best still white wines for fish and derived dishes

The best combinations with still white wine

Still white wine, especially if dry, should be opened about thirty minutes before being tasted to allow the product to release its most distinctive scents. Serve at a temperature between 8 and 10 degrees centigrade or to the 12-14 ° C range for the more full-bodied ones

Still white wine for an aperitif: which one to choose?

Tai is, for example, a still white wine ideal for aperitifs. The delicate sapidity of Tai goes with fish and especially with risottos.

Lison is a famous white wine perfect for an aperitif. It goes with fish or white meat appetizers. It should be served fresh, at a temperature between 10 and 12 degrees and is, therefore, suitable for any moment.
Without any doubt, Chardonnay is the most desired still white wine for an aperitif. It goes very well with cheese or creams (for example shrimp) that are often served in happy hours.

Cold cuts, fish-based appetizers and seafood salads, cheeses, omelettes, and mushrooms are perfect with another still white wine, Pinot Grigio.

Our expert team is available for any information on our selection of still white wine

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