Corte Bacaro:
farmhouse, since 2009

A farmhouse that holds the charm of tradition, the raw material quality and the innovation advantages: this is Corte Bacaro, a reality appreciated in the renowned sector of wine producers in Veneto.

This is the story of Sergio Bellia and his son Mirko, creators of a brand capable of reflecting the experience of a family within a specific sector, which has been operating for four generations.

The vineyards and the terroir of our farm

Corte Bacaro's land offers top-quality grapes, perfect for exclusive wine production. What makes the difference are optimal sun exposure, the specific characteristics of the soil and the possibility of working on tenaciously rooted vines, both native and non-native.

The Corte Bacaro farmhouse is in the Venetian hinterland, where the flat lands of alluvial origin stretch to the sea. It is ideal land for wine production and where Venezia Doc and Lison Docg originate.
The farmhouse is in an area rich in calcium and limestone clay, where, during day and night, the temperature changes are remarkable, as well as the alternation of cold winds from the north and hot ones from the south.

Corte Bacaro combines the uniqueness of the raw materials with the knowledge of a modern farm using the benefits of family management and tradition.

A family that knows every winemaking process in detail: a knowledge that has its roots in tradition and that is the legacy of a passion became work.

Sergio and Mirko worked hard to build a wealth of business knowledge that could integrate what can really help improve their offer all over the world.
The terroir of Corte Bacaro goes far beyond the advantages of a simple location in a specific territory. What makes the difference is the ability to work on business growth by choosing the path of innovation without ever straying too far from quality and tradition.

Discover our wine selection

Among the wine producers in Veneto, Corte Bacaro stands out for its wide range of wines. The possibility of choice is the result of strategic actions implemented by the company: the efforts made to preserve the historic vines varying the production and winemaking processes. This has made it possible to propose wines with more current characteristics, products that have received great acclaim and obtained national and international awards.

Mission & Vision

The mission of Corte Bacaro is clear. Recent results depend on reducing yields per hectare, refining the existing vineyards and planting new ones with high number of plants per hectare. All this has been done respecting the environmental ecosystem, adopting advancedtechniques and equipment.


Corte Bacaro's Vision is based on the desire to enhance the available resources and invest in research and development. The goal is clear: to continue the business growth, keeping faith with the principles linked to maintaining high product quality and respect for our ecosystem.

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Corte Bacaro Vini
Corte Bacaro Vini

Società Agricola
Corte Bacaro di Bellia & C. ss

Address: Via Santa Elisabetta di Summaga, 49
30026 - Summaga di Portogruaro (VE)

Phone: + 39 0421 1885794

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