Vinegia I.G.P. Trevenezie - Wine in amphora

Those who love amphora wines or want to enjoy this niche of products for the first time will find the Vinegia I.G.P. Trevenezie the best solution: a production that perfectly combines innovation and tradition.

The vinification process starts with the harvest done by hand and continues with the maceration inside terracotta wine jars. The processing involves repeated manual fulling actions, in such a way as to re-immerse the pomace several times in the must.

After the alcoholic fermentation, two other processes occur: a soft pressing of the pomace and a continuation of the ageing in amphora. This period lasts six months. As with all high-quality amphorae wines, batonnage occurs twice a week to avoid oxidation and give fullness to the product. After all the storage phases in the amphora, the wine can be filtered and bottled.

Vinegia - Vino in anfora

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