Wine terroir:
a key factor for a quality product

The wine terroir is crucial in offering greater specificity to the final product. The term comes from the French and refers to the area where the raw material for winemaking is available: the vines and their grapes.

Each land has unique characteristics, and its products and the wine acquire a precious specificity. For this reason, the origin is stated on the labels with the names of the wines.

For this reason, any wine, moreover valuable ones, cannot be produced and replicated anywhere in the world.

The origin of the grapes guarantees the quality of raw materials and production processes in the tradition of the places to which the wine label refers.

What does the term Terroir mean?

Terroir, by definition, means territory. The term "Terroir" refers to the link between a product and the characteristics of the land from which the raw materials come.

We do not refer to terroir only for wine but also for coffee, cheese and cold cuts.
We often hear about typical products, and this refers to what generally represents the excellence of a land.

Terroir del Veneto: characteristics and history

Veneto is one of the most important areas in the wine production sector. Veneto terroirs create a geographic area that includes 28 areas which benefit from the DOC and 15 from the DOCG denominations.

Suffice it to mention some of the districts to explain the unicity of this area: to the west, there is Valpolicella which touches the edges of Lake Garda, influencing its continental climate. It is the land of Amarone. To the south, there is the Lugana area, where Lugana Doc is born with its Turbiana grape variety.

The hills of Soave, between the areas of Verona and Vicenza, are the soil from which the Soave Classico or Superiore Docg originates, where the volcanic terroir gives birth to an indigenous grape: Garganega. The hills of Berici are a productive place of reds and whites wines, known for the Carmenere grape.

Terroir del Veneto: caratteristiche e storia
Terroir del Veneto: caratteristiche e storia

Conegliano-Valdobbiadene is an area where the vines grow on the slopes and can only be managed by the manual activity of the operators. This area is known for the production of Prosecco.

Corte Bacaro farmhouse is in the Venetian hinterland, and more precisely in the great floodplain that leads to the sea, in Portogruaro, in the Venezia Doc area and among the vineyards of Lison Pramaggiore doc, where the wine Lison Docg is made.

All our soils enjoy optimal sun exposure, a soil composition of great structure, toughness and the rooting of native and non-native vines.

Deep knowledge of the territory and physical, biological and alchemical processes have helped select only the best grapes based on their adaptability and organoleptic vocation, creating a selection of award-winning top-quality wines.

Discover the selection of wines born from the magic of the Terroir

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